“I know you think you’re brainwashing me,” Carly whispered, confident that they could hear her. Her voice was hoarse with arousal, her eyes heavy-lidded with drowsy lust, but she continued to give the screen a challenging glare as she watched the swirling colors dance in front of her. “I’m not stupid. I figured it out almost instantly. The hotel TV only plays one channel, and it’s a looping image of a spiral with white noise in the background? I knew what you were doing. I know what you’re trying to do. And it’s not working.”

Her fingers worked over and around her sensitive clit, making the fabric of her panties practically drip with her musk. “Because I can sit here as long as it takes. Your spiral won’t make me cum. I’m going to wait it out, just keep pushing back against the whispers in the static and the words in the colors and keep playing with my pussy as long as I have to. I can resist your brainwashing forever. It won’t make me cum. You’ll have to just keep watching me finger myself. Until you can’t stand it anymore.”

She let out a slow, lazy sigh, resisting the urge to speed up the rhythm of her stroking and rubbing. “Sooner or later, you’ll have to come in here and get me. You’ll, mmm… you’ll keep watching me playing with my nipples, fucking myself, staring into the spiral and listening to the static, and it’s going to turn you on so bad that you just have to fuck me. I can stay wet and horny forever if I have to. I can watch the colors all day and all night. I don’t think you have the patience for that.”

She rode another slow, lazy swell of pleasure that crested just below the edge of orgasm, slowing the pace of her rubbing fingers barely enough to keep from hitting her climax. She had long ago lost track of how many times she’d brushed the edge of release. She didn’t need to know. She could keep going forever. “And, and you’ll have to c-cum, um, come inside. And fuck me. You, I know you want to fuck me. I can picture it. In my head. And when you do, oh. Oh, that’s when I’ve got you. You know what I’m going to do?”

She smirked. Or tried to–the pleasure melted her crooked, cynical grin into a lazy, placid smile. “I’m going to spread my legs and let you pound my goddamn pussy. I’m going to give you my body completely, do whatever you say, let you fuck me cross-eyed. I’m going to cum my motherfucking brains out for you, whoever you are, and then I’m going to beg for more. And do you know what the best part is?” She laughed. “I can tell you all that, and you still won’t be able to stop me. Because you won’t be able to stop yourself.”

Her fingers moved faster, riding the arousal back up to the next crest of aching, helpless desire. “So yeah. You just watch me. You think whatever you want–go ahead, tell yourself that you’re brainwashing me, that you’re hypnotizing me, that you’re twisting my mind around into obedience and I don’t even know it. It doesn’t matter. I’ve got you right where I want you. I’m just going to keep playing with my cunt, staring at the spiral, listening to the voices. Not cumming. Obeying. You can’t brainwash me,” she said triumphantly. “Not if I brainwash myself first.”

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A scorching story of reverse-reverse-psychology. I love the defiant, self-satisfied tone of the character’s voice. Another scorching story from @jukeboxemcsa Well done!

Gosh this is hot.

I agree 1000% – this one’s really good.