Mara Needs a Break

So I just realized I have several old commissioned captions I was
supposed to make public and never did. So I’ll be posting them over the
next few days. Enjoy!

Commission for Jurodan based on pictures and outline they provided. Commission your own captions via my Patreon!

“Honey…” Mara asked her husband as they were
getting undressed.

“Yes, dear?” asked Jacob. “Is there something
you need?”

It had already been quite a night. After a hard day at court
arguing a major case, Mara was stressed out and exhausted. But Jacob had been
there for her with a candlelit dinner, soft music, her favorite wine,
everything she needed to relax.

Well, almost everything. “I was wondering if maybe you
wanted to, um, pull out the big guns?”

He immediately walked up to her, pulled her into a hug, and
kissed the top of her head. “Is my love still stressed? Does that big,
beautiful brain of hers need a break?”

She sighed and snuggled against him. “Yes please.”

He pulled back a little, looked her in the eyes, and began
running a finger over her forehead in a lazy circle. “Of course. All you
need to do is ask.” Slowly he contracted the circle, spiraling in toward
the center of her forehead. “You remember that safe, comfortable, easy
place where your thoughts can just drift away as you sink down, your mind
contracting in and in, gently detaching from the room, from your day, from
everything except my words as you–” he tapped the center of her forehead

Mara sagged suddenly against Jacob, but he held her in
place. Deftly, he removed her bra, and then lowered her softly into their bed.

“That’s right,” he said softly. “Just
drifting down, deeper and deeper. And as your thoughts float away, they leave
only my words, only pleasure and sensation. Feel that pleasure, that sensation,
growing from my touch. Filling up your head so there’s no room for thoughts,
just fuzzy, pink pleasure, isn’t that right?”

“Yeah,” Mara giggled.

“Good girl,” Jacob answered as he tweaked Mara’s
nipple, making her gasp. “And the more pleasure you feel, the more it
fills your head…”

“Is there any room left for thoughts?” asked Jacob
as he played with Mara’s breasts.

“No…” she giggled.

“That’s right,” he agreed. “No thoughts, no
stress, nothing but a very relaxed, silly, happy girl, isn’t that right?”

“Uh-huh.” She giggled again.

“And now that fuzzy pink pleasure is spreading,
flowing, dripping out of your silly little head and filling up your whole

“Mmm,” murmured Mara, her hips lifting off the bed
slightly. “Feels so good…”

“It does,” Jacob agreed. “So good to be a
happy, silly, horny girl. No need to think about anything but pleasure, even
after you wake up, isn’t that right?”

“Yeah,” she laughed.

“Good girl. Waking now in five… four…

Mara opened her eyes and grinned happily up at Jacob.
“Hi!” she chirped.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Oh, sooooo gooooood!” she said. She ran a hand
down over her torso to her panties. “And wet… Wanna help with

“Well, you have been a very good girl,” he said.
“So okay.”

“Yay!” Mara squealed and scrambled to remove her
panties while Jacob took off his pants.

Tomorrow, she would again be the high-powered attorney and
he the supportive husband who loved her intelligence and drive. But tonight,
she was his bimbo fuckbunny and he would use her like the mindless plaything
she was.

It was everything she wanted and exactly what she needed.