Mistress Fixes Kitty

So I just realized I have several old commissioned captions I was
supposed to make public and never did. So I’ll be posting them over the
next few days. Enjoy!

Commission for @askjeeveshypno based on pictures and outline they provided. Commission your own captions via my Patreon!

Kitty was a rather limited slave. She looked great, she
served loyally, but she couldn’t really do much besides lay around looking
pretty. Oh, she could fuck, and well, but she wasn’t much of a

So her Mistress decided to fix that. During Kitty’s daily
brainwashing sessions, she began using text fixations, locking Kitty’s
attention onto a few words at first, then short passages, being sure to fill
Kitty with pleasure at the same time, of course. Instead of the pink fuzz she
normally filled Kitty’s mind with, she sharpened it, building paths for it to
work at, remember, interpret what Kitty read.

And it worked. Mistress left things lying around–magazines
at first, then books. When she wasn’t being called on to service her Mistress,
Kitty increasingly could be found reading intently. She was addicted–and she
was learning.

Three months later…

“I see where you’re coming from, Mistress,”
Kathryn said. “But I think ultimately the novel is about the impossibility
of sustaining true kindness in a culture of cruelty.”

“You make a solid point,” she said to her slave.
“Good Kitty.” And as Kathryn’s eyes glazed and her smile turned
vacuous, Mistress reflected how much better this was–a real conversation with
an intelligent woman who had interesting things to say, or an intense fuck with
a mindless, horny toy, all in one pretty little package.

(Credits apply to both images)

Model: Kate Upton

Photographer: Ellen von Unworth

Source: Guess 2011 Spring ad campaign