Jennydoll didn’t know whether she was sitting up or lying back.  Only the fact that one hand compulsively rubbed one of her tits told her that her bikini top was off.  She felt that the bottoms were still on as her hand slid inside and played with her pussy as it automatically grew wet.  She was drifting on a cloud of pleasure, no idea where she was or how she‘d gotten there.  Eventually, she’d cum, clean herself up and awaken, resuming her day with no idea what had just happened.

Jenny’s Master also had no idea what had happened to her, or that it had happened three times this week, once in the middle of a crowded intersection.  Sooner or later, he’d realize an ad for the “Happy Jenny Doll” was running on Jenny’s favorite radio station and regret the mistake of not programming his unwitting slave to only sink back into sexual trance when HE ALONE said her trigger.

Before then, perhaps someone would come upon her, figure out what had happened and save her.  Or maybe they’d recognize how pliable her mind was in this state and reprogram her for their own pleasure.  As long as that ad kept running, who could say what fate awaited the “other” Jennydoll…