Lucy hadn’t wanted to go out. Especially not to some cheap “hypnotics” show. “Its all fake anyway” she told her friends.
But they insisted and Lucy finally agreed as long as they paid for her first drink.

The show was fun, even Lucy had to admit she was having a good time. She hadn’t paid for a drink all evening and watching random strangers perform under the control of the stage master was funny.

All of a sudden Lucy found herself at the center of the Stage Master’s attention. She tried to say no but all her friends were insisting. The Stage Master smiled and promised he couldn’t make her do anything she didn’t want. Reluctantly Lucy agreed to be led on stage.
Lucy watched the Stage Master’s oversized watch. She listened to his voice and relaxed. Nothing was going to happen that she didn’t want, right?
His voice softly whispered in her ear. She felt her eyelids droop. Suddenly *SNAP* went his fingers and everything went dark.

Lucy floated in the darkness, disconnected from herself.  She felt calm, at peace.  Everything was all right.  Everything that would happen was because she wanted it to.  

She felt warm.  Then hot.  Uncomfortably hot.  Lucy felt her body shift as she tried to escape from the heat that seemed to come from everywhere.  Her clothes.  That’s what made her hot.  She needed to take her clothes off.  She wanted to be comfortable, yes?  Taking her clothes off would make her comfortable.  It took Lucy a moment, floating in the dark, to remember how to take off her dress.  Someone had kindly unzipped the back for her.  From there it was easy to pull it over her head.  Yes, she felt cool now.  Comfortable.  She was perfectly comfortable without her dress on.  

An itch.  Something was itchy.  Lucy’s chest itched.  Oh god it was suddenly unbearable. Something against her skin, against her breasts, was so itchy.  Her bra.  It had to come off.  She had to take it off, never wear it again.  Ah, yes.  Comfortable again.  No bra.  Never again.  Lucy was so comfortable to never have to wear a bra again.  

Something tugged at Lucy.  A niggling feeling growing in the back of her mind.  Something was wrong.  She couldn’t understand what was wrong.  She was comfortable.  Happy.  She didn’t want to leave.  This was her happy place.  Here nothing could hurt her, nothing was wrong.  Everything that happened was because she wanted it.    Stay?  Could she?  Yes.  All she had to do was let go of that little feeling, that thing that tugged at the corner of her mind.  What was it?  Her will?  She didn’t need that.  Not here, not in her happy place.  No.  She didn’t need it at all.  

It took no effort at all for Lucy to push the feeling out of her mind.  She felt herself growing lighter as it passed through and away.  She was free now.  Free to stay in her happy place for as long as she wanted.  Free to do whatever the voice said she needed to.  Free to Fall.  

Lucy opened her eyes and looked at the Stage Master.   Her Master now.  yes.  He told her that he couldn’t make her do anything she didn’t want.  Only now did Lucy realize just how much she wanted to Obey.  

good girls obey,

i need to obey, i am a good girl