It was the strangest interview she’d ever had. Sure, the job details seemed right up her alley: a warehouse job where she didn’t have to interact with the general public, with decent pay or good hours. But she started to wonder if something was up when the interview asked her to do a few exercises to make sure she was “physically fit.”

Still… It was a physical labor job, so she guessed it made sense, and the interviewer seemed satisfied with how she did. But next he told her was a vision test.

There was definitely something weird going on, but she’d been unemployed too long to listen to the alarm bells going off in her head. So she did as the interviewer instructed and sat down in that chair in front of the screen.

The interviewer left the room, and immediately the screen began flashing all sorts of colors. It was jarring and blinding at first, but then shapes began to form, and her eyes strained to make them out. Were those words? And there, a spiral?

Soothing music filled the room, along with an odd scent she couldn’t quite place. She payed it no mind, however, and relaxed as her vision drifted to the center of the spiral.

Words and instructions filled her head, pushing out the unnecessary thoughts that were there before. Without breaking her gaze, she undid her clothes and instructed, and let them fall to the floor. A wonderful warm sensation filled her as she obeyed.

It felt so good to obey.

It felt so good to relax, to obey, to let all her thoughts slip away…

She was going to be so good at her new job.

(photo credit: Honey Gold)