It wasn’t a brainwashing chair. That was absurd. There was no such thing as a brainwashing chair, and even if there was, it would be… Kelly didn’t know, exactly, but she could picture it in her head from a lifetime of cheesy science fiction movies. A big silver straight-backed chair with metal cuffs on the armrests, and a high-domed helmet that lowered onto you when you sat in it. And maybe some LED lights or something. But this? This was just a green chair with wooden legs. It looked like something from Ikea. It wasn’t a brainwashing chair.

She decided to prove it. She sat down, glaring defiantly across the room at Brian as she did so. He didn’t even look up. He kept playing his video game, headphones on, looking for all the world like he’d forgotten all about their little conversation about the brainwashing chair that turned her into a mindless, horny slut every time she sat in it. He wasn’t even ignoring her, he just seemed preoccupied with something else. Kelly fumed silently for a moment. She’d just have to make him notice her, then.

She reached down and pulled her dress up, exposing her panties, and waited for a reaction. But even after almost a minute of sitting there, legs spread, she got nothing. Not an ‘I told you that you’d want to start getting naked for me’, not an ‘I said you’d find ways to convince yourself it was all your own idea’, not even a stray glance in her direction. She pulled the panties down and off, and hooked one leg over the arm of the chair to give him a great bit eyeful of her shaved pussy. Still nothing. Now she was sure he was doing it on purpose.

She reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips, trailing a finger through the cleft between her labia to show how wet she was. Not that she was wet because she was in the brainwashing chair, of course, because brainwashing chairs didn’t exist and even if they did she wouldn’t be, be susceptible or vulnerable or whatever word he used earlier when she was staring at his necklace. Just because she went into hypnosis easily didn’t mean she could be brainwashed into obedience. Into mindless compliance. Into helpless, blank, malleable surrender to Brian’s hypnotic will. Into…

She suddenly realized she was openly masturbating, her fingers rubbing her clit with desperate urgency. It didn’t mean she was brainwashed, though. She was just… just trying to get Brian to look at her, that was all. Just trying to show him how clear-headed she was, how everything she was doing was her own idea and a perfectly reasonable thing to do under the circumstances. Kelly slid her free hand inside her dress and began thumbing her nipple in slow, lazy circles. She knew Brian had to notice sooner or later. If she just kept playing with herself. If she just gave in to the pleasure deeply enough.

It was no good. Between the headphones and the distraction of the video game, she couldn’t get his attention. Even when Kelly threw her head back, moaning loudly as she rubbed her thoughts into obliviion with every swirling touch on her clit, she couldn’t distract him from what he was doing long enough to tell him that she wasn’t being brainwashed by his non-existent brainwashing chair. Maybe if she said something. Maybe if she started talking to him loudly enough, he’d hear it through the headphones and look away from his game. Then she’d be able to tell him how absurd his ideas about brainwashing were. That all made sense. It all seemed completely reasonable. She opened her mouth and said the first thing that came into her head.

“I’m a mindless, horny slut for Master. I’m a mindless, horny slut for Master. I’m a mindless, horny slut for Master. I’m a mindless, horny slut for Master. I’m a mindless, horny slut for Master…” It felt like such a silly thing to say, but Kelly’s pussy felt better and better every time she repeated it. And it worked, too. Brian finally put down his game and looked at her. She felt a sense of triumph wash over her as she spread her legs even wider and said, “I’m a mindless, horny slut for you, Master.”

“Of course you are,” Brian said, setting down his game and coming over to her chair. Which wasn’t a brainwashing chair, Kelly told herself. Because that was impossible. She was only a slave because she wanted to be. She only belonged to Brian because it felt so good to obey. She was completely in control of her own mind and will, and she wanted to give that mind to Brian to manipulate and reshape as he saw fit, that was all.

There was no such thing as a brainwashing chair. And anyway, Kelly didn’t need a chair to be brainwashed.

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