Captain Alpha knew that the supervillainess Honeysuckle was somewhere at this party. She had to find her and bring her to justice.

But where was she?

Part of the problem with finding her was that Captain Alpha was here in her secret identity of Carla Cant, reporter for the Skarlette City Clarion.

Part of the problem was that there were hundreds of people at this grand opening gala.

Part of the problem was that Honeysuckle was trying to blend in, and had probably disguised herself.

But the biggest problem was that even when Honeysuckle wasn’t using her powers, traces of her pheromones still wafted on the breeze. The amount was too small for any normal person to notice.

Captain Alpha was no normal person. Her super-acute senses picked up every trace of the sexy, submissive scent. Ever breath tasted like a lover’s kiss. Every step she felt the caress of silk on her thighs. Such a turn-on! Captain Alpha’s pussy screamed for attention. It took every ounce of willpower to keep her hands from lifting her skirt and jilling off in front of the whole party.

Captain Alpha knew Honeysuckle was somewhere at this party. She had to find her and fuck her senseless.

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