“You need to stop fucking me, Adonis,” Doctor Q gasped out between moans of passion. “Adonis, you are strong enough. You can–Oh god–you can stop fucking me. You are stronger than Wizardess’s spell.

“She thinks she has us trapped by lust. Aaah. Aaah! I know I can break the spell she has over us if I can just think for a minute. If I can just–uh–chant the magic words–uh–without moans of passion.

“If we cum under this spell, she will–oooooh–she will enslave us. Gotta fight it.

“You can’t let her win. No! Don’t fuck … me … faster … and harder … and faster … and harder … and …

“Never stop fucking me, Adonis!” Doctor Q screamed as an orgasm carried her to blissful submission.

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