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With every flash of the camera,
Scarlett felt her thoughts scatter. Every time, they took a little longer to
come back.

The first time she’d been able to
get as far as “What just–?” before the next flash scattered her
thoughts again.

The second time she’d only gotten
out a “This–!” before the flash went off again.

Something is wrong, she thought, and opened her mouth to say so, but off went
the flash and off went her thoughts.

The photographer told her to pose,
and she hesitated, struggling to piece together why this felt vaguely
wrong–but the flash wiped away those thoughts and she followed his

Instruction. Hesitation. Flash. Pose.
Instruction. Hesitation. Flash. Pose. Instruction. Flash. Pose.
Instruction. Flash. Pose.

He told her to take off her top, and
she actually started to before she realized she shouldn’t. But why shouldn’t
she? Because–


She took off her top. He told her to
take off her pants, and she kicked off her shoes and had her pants halfway down
before she could gather her wits enough to pause–


She took them the rest of the way.
He told her to take off her underwear, and she did. Only after she dropped them
on the floor did she realize she wasn’t supposed to be naked–


Soon her thoughts wouldn’t come back
at all.


Model: Scarlett Johansson

Photographer: Mario Sorrenti

Source: Mango Fall/Winter 2010-11