Platinum Panther was
certain she was safe from Verdant’s enslaving pollen this time. She
had completely refitted her armor’s filters to ensure that not one
of the supervillainess’s microscopic particles of weaponized lust
could penetrate her defenses. When her heat sensors confirmed that
Verdant was on the other side of the door, Platinum Panther burst

“Verdant, you’re
under …” the superheroine’s voice trailed off, her palm
blasters leveled at the most beautiful pair of eyes she had ever
seen, nestled between Verdant’s satiny thighs.

“Platinum Panther,
how delightful to see you!” said Verdant. “And I see you’ve got
an eyeful of my newest pet, Eyesis. Her gaze is lovely to look at,
isn’t it?”

“Y-yes,” stammered
the heroine. “Lovely.”

“She came to capture
me, if you can believe it,” Verdant purred. “But instead she’s
aquired a taste for my pollen. Eyesis, don’t you have something to
say to our guest?”

Raising her tongue
from Verdant’s nether lips, Eyesis said, “Mistress Verdant wants
you to remove your armor.”

The beauty of those
eyes filled Platinum Panther’s mind. She trembled with fear as she
disengaged her safety seals and stepped naked out of her armor. She
held her breath as Verdant’s musky pollen spread across her skin.

“No need to be
nervous,” Verdant said with a wicked grin. “Take a deep breath
and you’ll feel much

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