“Holy sexual human knot, Argent!” Sable cried out between moans of pleasure. The two crimefighters had been captured by Nervewracker, and he had woven their limbs and triggered their muscles into this configuration, both seductive and submissive.

“We’ll get out of this one, Sable,” Argent said as the pleasure of Nervewracker’s tongue on her clit echoed throughout her body. “We just need to work together.”

“I’m trying, Argent,” Sable mewled as her hips kept thrusting her onto Nervewracker’s cock again and again and again. “Want to cum so bad!”

“That’s it, chum!” Argent groaned. “The orgasmic contractions of your cunt, timed perfectly with the wiggling of my ears will … will …”

Three orgasms shook the bed with bliss.

In the afterglow, Argent and Sable extricated themselves from the unconscious Nervewracker. “Let this be a lesson to you, Sable,” Argent said, “Always limber up before sex.”

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