Judy picked up the remote and tried to look for something more interesting to watch, but it looked like the spiral was on every channel. Which wasn’t the worst thing in the world–it had some good music, at least, and it wasn’t like she and Babs had any real plans for their Saturday morning, beyond hanging out in their underwear and watching TV–but it wasn’t really engaging, either. Babs was paying more attention to her phone than to the screen from the look of things. Judy kept pressing buttons, her eyes on the television.

Babs looked up from her phone again–her boyfriend was texting, but somehow Babs couldn’t stop looking at the spiral. It seemed to suck in all her attention, like the screen was a magnet drawing her gaze right to the center. She kept holding her phone just below eye level, hoping she was at least fooling Judy into thinking she wasn’t captivated by the swirling lights. If Judy thought that she was too preoccupied, she might get some funny ideas about using the spiral to make Babs… horny. And compliant. And, and… Babs stretched her legs out and rested one between Judy’s thighs. Just to make sure her friend wasn’t getting too aroused by thoughts of brainwashing.

Judy tried to turn the TV off, but the remote didn’t seem to be working at all. She pressed the volume button, the channel button, the power button… nothing. Maybe the batteries were dead? She had a vague memory of the cable people telling her something about ‘possible future service needs’, but she’d kind of tuned it out as marketing bullshit. She gave a mental shrug and kept playing with the remote; it was bound to work sooner or later, and her body felt too lazy to move.

Babs couldn’t help herself–she set her phone down so she could use both hands to play with Judy’s body. Her friend seemed oblivious to Babs’ attentions, but somehow that just made it hotter; there was something so impossibly sexy about reaching down and finding that Judy’s pussy was so wet that it was practically dripping, while Judy just stared vacantly into the spiral and played with the remote. Babs wriggled around to get into a position where she could lick Judy’s tits without losing sight of the spiral. God, her best friend was being hypnotized and it felt so fucking good…

Judy let out a lazy sigh, her fingers now simply pressing buttons out of habit. It was no good. She couldn’t get rid of the spiral. She couldn’t… resist the spiral? That didn’t seem to parse properly in her head, but at the same time it made such perfect sense that Judy couldn’t disagree. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Babs playing with herself, a big wet spot on the crotch of Babs’ panties where she was rubbing herself through the sheer fabric, but then the spiral turned again and Judy lost track. It was easier just to watch the spiral and let go. Babs would do all the seducing for both of them. Judy would just keep pressing buttons until the service person arrived.

Babs squirmed with sexual arousal. Judy was so completely hypnotized, and she didn’t even know it. God, that was hot. Something about the idea of someone being brainwashed into compliance without even realizing it made Babs was to play with herself until she stopped thinking. It was just so nice, thinking about hot women being brainwashed into sex slaves. Passive and blank, or mindless and horny… it was all so wonderful. She came again, her body shuddering in ecstasy as her climax washed over her. It felt so good that she almost didn’t notice the knock at the door.


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