faye switched the television off and walked slowly over to her friend, bending over.

“i’m so glad He chose you to be His new fucktoy.” she whispered.

she didn’t reply and just stared into faye’s eyes.

“Did you know that i’ve always fancied you? Even before Master brainwashed me, i was attracted to you. When He told me that He wanted another girl, i just knew that it had to be you. i actually begged Him to let me be the one to entice you over here, drug you and turn you into His horny, obedient sex slave.”

“i-i didn’t fancy you… Before.” she said horsely.

“But now how do you feel?” she asked, drawing a manicured nail over her necklace and up her neck to her chin.

“Now? Now… i love you. And Master… i want Him so badly it hurts. my pussy… cunt… it aches for Him.”

“mine too! It won’t be long before He’s home and then He’ll make you feel complete. Till then, why don’t we go upstairs so you can show me how much you love me and my cunt? i have a feeling that you’ll be spending a lot time between my legs from now on!”

The girl smiled and nodded slightly as faye took her hands and helped her up the stairs to her new life.