Had a request from hypdom to record this story written by @bimboisbetter, and I have to admit, it was a rather tricky one! Couldn’t quite decide how best to convey the mental conflict going on in this file through voice. Settled on this version though after a few goes.

It was also requested that I just post the internal monologue from the story separately, so here’s the dropbox link to that one:

Of course, here’s a link to the story in its written format as well:


Finally finally finally gotten around to listening to this, and all I can say is … wow. Great story brought to life with a great performance (as always) by @lizzidoll.

And it’s easy to see why people have been asking for the internal monologue on its own too … I can think of a few people I’d love to play that back to in a loop once they’re tranced and the earbuds have been slipped into place …

I just realised the link was broken.


(If you are using it, use it responsibly you miscreants!
And give credit where credit is due, pretty please 🙂 )

As near as I can tell, despite this being one of my favorite things ever, I’ve never reblogged it?