“Repeat after me,” he said.

She shook her head, slowly, a weak back-and-forth. “This isn’t going to work,” she said. Her voice was dull, relaxed. It sounded like she was fighting to stay awake.

“I’m so deeply hypnotized,” he said.

“You can’t expect this to work. It’s ridiculous. I’m… I’m so… so deeply hypnotized,” she said.

“I can’t think for myself,” he said.

“I could just walk out of here if I wanted. I can’t… think for myself. You couldn’t stop me.”

“I’m weak and helpless.”

“Hypnosis isn’t even real. This isn’t going to… to do anything. I’m weak and helpless.”

“I’ll do anything I’m told.”

“I can’t even… can’t even figure why you think this will, um, work,” she said, shoulders sagging a bit. “I’ll do anything I’m told.”

“My mind is soft and open and receptive.”

“Gonna just… just leave…” she said, her eyes seeming to glaze over a bit. “Gonna… walk out and… not, um… listen. My mind is soft and open and receptive.”

“I’m a doll. I’m a puppet. I’m a toy.”

“Not… gonna be… be hypnotized,” she muttered. Her head hung limply to the side. “I’m a doll. I’m a puppet. I’m a toy.”

“I will obey you, Master.”

She blinked. Once, twice. Slowly. Her eyes were vacant. Her mouth hung slightly open.

“I will obey you, Master,” she repeated.

“I am your slave.”

“I am your slave,” she chanted.

“I have no will.”

“I have no will.”

He smiled. “Good girl. Now, take off your clothes and lie down.”

“Yes Master,” she said as she stood up, obediently pulling off her shirt.

And, speaking of @ditzy-dolls

Such a hot depiction of resistance slowly being eroded into submission. Nicely done, @ditzy-dolls