Wow! It actually worked! You wished that I would be dressed like… like… like whatever her name is. That Star Wars girl you had a crush on. And look, I’m seriously wearing her outfit.

Though I don’t think her ass looked this good in real life — that’s all Katie.

See, what other guy can say he has a girlfriend who willingly lets him use a wishing coin on her?

You’re right, Katie. This is incredible. But you know, I wish I could see what it’d look like if you really did turn into Natalie Portman. 

Woah. OK, that’s a little too much. Why don’t we slow down a sec…

Oh come on, Katie, I wish we could just have a little fun, you and me, doing our normal boyfriend-girlfriend stuff with you like this.

Ugh, everyone is staring at me. They probably all think this is some kind of celebrity sighting.

Nah, babe. They’re probably just staring because while you weren’t paying attention I wished your hard nipples would poke through your top.

…You jerk! Seriously, change me back.

Oh come on. I wish you’d have a little fun with this. In fact, I wish that no matter how hard you deny it now, that tonight you’ll touch yourself thinking about how much all this turned you on.