“What do ya think, Triple-G? Do I get the job?” the girl asked, trembling in the bizarre, confining straps that wound around her limbs before the appraising gaze of Glue Gun Gary.

“Your skills with my Sticky-Straps looks … very, very yummy. And you are in lovely physical condition,” Glue Gun Gary opined. “But there is more to being my sidekick than bondage. There will be danger! There will be violence! How can I trust that you are driven and devoted enough to work by my side?”

The blond blushed prettily. Gary could see her pussy glisten. “You can trust me because you are all I think about. I have rubbed one out two or three times a day thinking only of you for the last six months. Ever since I was a bystander to your fight with the Amazing Amazon and I accidentally swallowed a taste of your Lascivious Lubricant, I have wanted to meet you, to work with you, to love you.”

Glue Gun Gary grinned at the eager, sexy girl. “I think you’ve got the job. Congratulations. You are now my sidekick. I shall call you ‘Addy Sivv.’ Don’t move,” he said, dropping his trousers, “there’s still an initiation ceremony.”

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