Liberty Lass stood atop the old abandoned warehouse, looking out toward
the docks. She tried to remain calm and collected, despite the anxious feeling
building inside her. If she pulled this off, the young blonde hero would
finally prove herself to her partner. Since her sixteenth birthday, she had
fought alongside Lady Justice as her sidekick. Now that she was nineteen,
however, Liberty Lass had been determined to show the world that she was ready
to be her own hero.

“Hey, you!” a voice yelled from behind her. She turned to see two goons
rushing her. 

Liberty Lass smiled to herself, If
these guys want a beating, I guess I can use a warm-up
. She charged at
her attackers. Her super-strength and lightning-fast agility made her one of
the best fighters in the Sapphire Sirens. She dove between the larger man’s legs,
tripping him along the way, and sent him face-first onto the concrete. The hero
sprung to her feet and caught the second thug with a left hook that sent him
reeling back. She closed in on him and rocked him with an uppercut, knocking
him into the air. She spun and kicked the first goon in the jaw, and he
crumpled back to the ground.

The young heroine had started patrolling the streets of downtown
Sapphire City at night by herself. The city was a beautiful, but dangerous,
place. To many people, it was a place where dreams came true. A place that
sparkled with bright lights and pretty people. Libby Washington was one of
those people. She was the all-American girl next door. Captain of the cheer
team, Prom Queen, and Valedictorian; Libby was pretty, popular, and,
unbeknownst to everyone, the hero known as Liberty Lass. Sapphire City was her
home and she was determined to defend it from the gathering darkness that
threatened to swallow it, and everyone in it, whole.

She cuffed the unconscious goons. The long-time sidekick knew that
taking down a couple low-level street thugs wouldn’t mean much to the rest of
the Sirens. That was why Liberty Lass decided to go after Mes-Mercenary; one of
the biggest thorns in the Sapphire Sirens’ side. He was a former
professional assassin that developed powerful mind-control abilities along the
way. No longer interested in making the kill, however, he traded in his bullets
for a variety of transformative serums. Many high-profile women went missing
only to resurface as mindless bimbos and slutty strippers thanks to his work.
The Sirens had tried to track him down in the past, but he always managed to evade

This time, however, Liberty Lass had
a plan. There were rumors of Mes-Mercenary doing a hostage deal down by the
docks. She knew that the devious mind controller often attended these meetings.
Like most villains, he had a massive ego and loved to show off his
transformations to his victim’s loved ones. He revelled in seeing the despair
in their eyes and often used it as an opportunity to capture more victims in
their moment of weakness. This time, however, he wouldn’t get that opportunity.
She’d jump down and ambush him before he even had a chance to get out of the
vehicle. The young heroine knew she’d be able to take the villain out before he
even knew what hit him. Well,
 she thought to herself as she watched from the nearby
rooftop, tonight, the only transformation will
be your costume becoming an orange jumpsuit.

The sun was beginning to set when Liberty Lass saw the black Mercedes
roll into the docks. She watched as it stopped by a collection of shipping
containers. “He must hide the girls in the containers,” the sidekick
exclaimed, readying herself, “well, it’s now or never!” She started
running and leapt over the ledge of the building. She landed on the hood of the
Mercedes, her power causing it to crumple upon impact. The driver tried to
scramble out of the destroyed vehicle, but Liberty Lass threw herself toward
him, taking him to the ground before knocking him out with a powerful blow to
the jaw. 

She got up and hurried to the rear passenger side. She pulled the door off
of the car, expecting to see Mes-Mercenary and his transformed victim. Instead,
the back seat was empty. Liberty Lass blinked, unable to believe her
eyes, “What? But… he was supposed to be – OW! What the?”

Liberty Lass reached back to see a
small dart in the back of her shoulder. She saw the pink fluid inside draining
into her body. An immediate feeling of dread washed over her. Oh
shit. Libby, how could you be so stupid…

“Well, if it isn’t the great Liberty Lass,” a voice called out from
behind her. She knew it well; Mes-Mercenary’s cold, sarcastic voice, “You
weren’t looking for me, were you?”

She turned to face Mes-Mercenary, her
eyes burning with frustration, “Screw you! I’m going to take you down!” He
looked so pleased with himself, she noticed. He was dressed in black, with several
different coloured vials along his belt. His face matched the coldness of his
voice, stoic and sharp. She charged at him, cocking her left arm back for a
punch. The ex-assassin evaded her attack and sent her tumbling to the ground.
Liberty Lass rose to her feet, trying to shake the stars from her eyes. Come
on, girl, focus, 
she urged herself on.

“Having a big of a hard time, are we?” the villain said with a sinister
smile on his face, “It’s understandable. That ‘Brainless Bimbo’ serum
should be kicking in any second.”

“Bimbo? No. I’ll… beat you and… get the cure,” her mind felt like it was
moving through water. Visions of the other girls she had seen transformed
flashed in her head. Terror filled her; she couldn’t end up like them. Liberty
Lass prayed her powers could help her fight off the serum. She clenched her
fist and lunged at him again. She flew through the air, ready to unleash her

Mes-Mercenary’s dark, remorseless eyes lit up with wicked intentions. He
dropped to his knees and slid under the hero’s attack, dodging her again.
Liberty Lass stumbled, and her errant swing caused her to fall to the cold
concrete. The villain turned and chuckled at his struggling adversary, “I
must say, Miss Lass, you are putting up a much better fight than most of my
girls. Still, I can see it in your eyes; you’re losing this battle and you know

“No… I’m, like, going to beat this,”
the heroine protested, “I’m, like, wayyyy stronger than you.” Inside,
Liberty Lass had realized her speech patterns had already changed. The normally
well-spoken girl now sounded like some ditzy teenager. She found herself
looking up at Mes-Mercenary and thinking he was kind of cute for an older guy.
His graying hair shining like silver against the sunset. NO! she screamed in her
head, I have to beat this! I will NOT end
up some bimbo!

She tried to get back onto her feet,
painfully aware of the extra jiggle she felt in her chest. Shit,
my titties… no… my boobs are already growing. 
The top of her
costume already feeling tighter, she fought the urge to touch them. She knew
she needed to defeat him, to prove herself to the others but, now, her body
wanted nothing more than to fondle her swelling breasts. FOCUS! she screamed
at herself. She steeled her resolve and stared her enemy down, “Listen,
you meanie,” she winced at hearing herself sound like such an
airhead, “I’m gonna, like, get you for this. You’re soooo going down! Huh?
Like, why are you laughing?” 

Mes-Mercenary grinned at the young superhero, “Oh, you don’t even
realize it, do you? You’re…touching yourself.” 

Liberty Lass’ eyes shot down to one hand
groping her enlarged chest while the other roamed her increasingly sexy body.
The fabric of her costume was pushed to its limit now. Oh
my God, like, what is happening to me? 
She wanted to stop but it just felt
so good. Every touch sent little pink bolts of energy through her. A soft moan
escaped her lips before she managed to bring her attention back to
Mes-Mercenary, “What… what did you, like, do to Libby?” She gasped as she
realized she just used her real name. Then, suddenly, the worry faded from her

“Libby, is it? Very cute; I like it,” the villain said, approaching the
disoriented heroine. He stood in front of her, observing the conflict in her
eyes. He knew the serum was taking hold now. “I must say, Libby,” he put a
certain softness in her name, “you fought so well, but it’s time to let
Master’s lovely pink bimbo juice take over now.”

“I, ummmm, no…. I, like, don’t know what to do,” Liberty Lass
whined, “Libby’s head is all, like, pink and fuzzy.”

The mind-controller smiled; he knew he had her now, “It’s okay,
Libby, your head is supposed to feel this way. That’s how bimbos feel. So, if
you feel that way too, what does that mean?” 

The bimbofied sidekick’s eyes glazed over as she struggled to process
his words, “Like… Libby’s a bimbo?” she responded, her eyes looking to him
for approval. 

“Of course. Good girl, Libby.”.

His words sent another wave of pleasure through her. Liberty Lass fell
to her knees, totally defeated. Her hands exploring her new, cartoonish curves.
Every touch was amazing. She was so hot and sexy. The villain’s words echoed in
her hollowed mind. She wanted to be good so bad. It was the only thing she
could think about.

Mes-Mercenary stood over the mindless hero, “Well, I think you’re a
sexy little Brainless Bimbo now, wouldn’t you, Libby?”

“Ummmm, like, totally, Master…. Libby’s, like, super brainless and
bimbo,” she cooed from the ground, her hands rubbing at her clit over her

He looked down on the pretty blonde, “You are super, aren’t you? But… Liberty
Lass isn’t a good name for a sexy super bimbo like you. You’re going to be
Lovey Libby now.” 

Lovey Libby toyed herself mindlessly, a vacant look in her
eyes, “Like, okay, Master.”

“Good girl. Cum now.”

The bimbo squirmed and writhed as she cried out in orgasmic bliss. The
remnants of her mind shattered as the serum’s effects took complete control.
The former hero found herself fading into a soft, warm pink glow as she fell
out of consciousness. 

Mes-Mercenary scooped up his newest transformation and began planning
his next move, “One down. And you’re going to help get the others, you
sweet little slut.” 


It had been days since anyone in the Sirens had heard from Liberty
Lass. The others were beginning to worry. Then, finally, Lady Justice received a
note that was left on the steps to the Sapphire City Police Department. She
opened it and read it aloud, “If you want to see your partner again, meet me at
the Sapphire Hotel penthouse suite tonight. 10 P.M. Come alone.” 


That night, Lady Justice headed to the Sapphire Hotel. She was expecting
there to be some kind of ambush as she walked into the suite. Instead, she
found an empty room. The sound of giggling came from another room. She opened
the door and found what appeared to be Liberty Lass, sitting on the edge of the


She barely recognized her partner. Her costume had been changed into
some hyper-sexualized version of her usual red, white, and blue outfit. She
looked like some kind of slutty cheerleader. But it was the person in the
costume that was most unsettling to the heroine. The girl was bouncing her
impressive breasts up and down, giggling uncontrollably as she did. Her eyes
were glassy and vacant. Her lips appeared to be as enhanced as her

Beside the bimbofied heroine, Lady Justice found another note: 

Meet Lovey Libby. You’re next, Super-Sluts.
– Mes-Mercenary