“And now fasten the cuffs tight around your wrists, Amazing Amazon,” Dr. N.Saine commanded in a harsh voice that cut through the fog of lust that clouded the superheroine’s mind. The Amazon knew that if she closed the handcuffs at a man’s command, the ancient curse of her people would rob her of her super strength, leaving her helpless before the supervillain’s telepathic assault.

The heroine knew that the unnatural lust that sang in her blood was due to the chemical Dr. N.Saine had sprayed her with. She didn’t really crave his touch. She didn’t really hunger for his cock. She didn’t really long to be on her knees before him.

For a moment, the Amazing Amazon fought to resist the command. She left one of the cuffs around her wrist, but refused to fasten it. For a moment, she defied him.

In the next moment, her lust sharpened. Her breath came in ragged gasps. Like being trapped on the edge of an orgasm, unable to reach the crest, the feeling of unfinished business burned through the Amazon’s mind, her heart, her soul. In that moment, she need to obey more than anything else in the world.

As she clicked the steel circle closed around her wrist, the Amazing Amazon dropped her chin to her chest, defeated.

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