“Please don’t make me take off my panties. Please don’t make me want to take them off,” pleaded Becca Boothe as the captivating, commanding, little man walked toward her. The simple girl didn’t know he was the telepathic supervillain known as Dr. N.Saine. Becca only knew that whatever he said, she felt.

“Don’t be a silly girl,” the telepath said as his eyes drank in every inch of skin Becca had already revealed. “How can I make you want anything? I’m just explaining what you want already. It’s not my fault you’ve lied to yourself about what you want.”

Every time he said the word “want,” Becca felt a tingle rising in her body, like a lover’s kiss. Maybe she had always wanted to please a powerful man, but never admitted it? Maybe she wanted nothing more than to drop her panties, and her last line of resistance?

As Becca’s trembling thumb hooked the waistband of her panties, Dr. N.Saine smiled at another patient he had helped to find her true purpose.

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Libido League #10, Club Absinthe, features the seduction of innocent Becca Boothe!