“Is Doctor Q helpless, Mnemonica?” said the supervillain in the ten thousand dollar suit.

“Yes, Master Tartarus,” Mnemonica whispered. Her magickal team mate writhed on the bed before her, moaning with pleasure.

“Tell me how you did it,” Terence Tarrarus said as he sat down.

“I showed her the pretty bracelet you gave me. She trusted me, so she didn’t mind when I slipped it on her wrist. She even thanked me. I waited until her eyes fixated on the bracelet before I placed the special piece of Compliance Jewelry on her ankle that blocked her magic. She felt so much pleasure that she could barely keep her eyes open, even before I put the blindfold on her.”

“Very good, Mnemonica,” Terence Tartarus replied. “How do you feel about betraying your friend’s trust?”

The Compliance earrings pulsed in Mnemonica’s ear lobes. “I am so aroused by the idea of giving her to you, Master Tartarus!”

The villain smiled and nodded. Mnemonica pushed a crystal dildo into Doctor Q’s cunt as she telepathically pushed her thoughts into Doctor Q’s mind.

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Mnemonica stars in Libido League #2 and #5. She faces Terence Tartarus in #10. Doctor Q stars in Libido League #4 and #8.