FBI Agent Dana “Foxy” Sculder had been investigating rumors of unexplained lights in the sky for three days. No two witnesses had seen the same thing, but all of them were … off somehow. Sculder was used to people who had seen something otherworldly being disturbed and acting strangely.

She wasn’t used to every single one of them offering her sex. Half of them couldn’t even make it through the interview without rubbing one out.

But apart from some unusual sexual behavior, there was no proof of alien contact. Sculder was on her way out of town, in an isolated area, when the engine of her car died. Walking back to town, she saw a strange light in the sky. It hovered with no noise. It made turns that no Earth aircraft could make.

It came closer. The bright, pure, hot, sexy light swept over Sculder. The light pulsed and her body trembled with pleasure. The light flickered faster and her breath came in short pants.

As a white-hot orgasm swept over Agent Sculder’s body, she finally understood.

Sculder slid two fingers into her dripping pussy

“The truth is in here,” she said.

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