Megan Summers.  Megan had been a top student, but in her final year she accidentally enrolled in the Stripping course that the school offered as part of its Realistic Career Goals For Girls program.  She was informed that enrolments were locked and she couldn’t transfer out, and the course would count towards her final educational grade.

Megan couldn’t bear the thought of blemishing her academic record with a fail, so she did her best to ace the class.  The art of taking off her clothes, wiggling her tits and ass, and pole dancing were all embarassing, but with study and dedication she mastered them.  Getting tit implants that transformed her breasts into giant fake udders was confronting, but at least the school paid the cost.

Some of the course’s other requirements, though, interfered with her other studies.  For instance, she was expected to be wet and aroused upon attendance at class, but was not allowed to orgasm at all, in class or otherwise, so that she could learn to cum on command when told to by a man.  The constant arousal made her confused and stupid.  That aligned, too, with one of the course’s other tests – a reverse intelligence test, that she could only pass by being a brainless bimbo.

She approached that, too, as a matter for study, spending her nights staring at pictures of blonde big-titted infantilised women, learning to blank her mind and fill it with pretty pink, to instinctively search for answers in what men had said to her rather than thinking for herself.

In the end, her determination to succeed was her own downfall.  She got an A+ in her stripping class, giving her an opportunity to perform in front of the whole school, but she was dismayed to find that for every other exam she sat, the words were meaningless to her.  When she tried to think, her brain went pink, and she felt herself giggling and wanting to masturbate.  Most of her exam papers were handed in blank, except for maths, where she had drawn cartoonish pictures of giant tits on it in pink crayon so she wouldn’t have to look at the disturbing, hard numbers.

She failed the year overall, of course, but as her stripping teacher told her while stroking her hair after it was all over, at least there as *one* career she was now qualified for…

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