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She could feel it all slipping away. It was getting harder and harder to
think about anything except sex. She felt so hot. Her brain was melting
and dripping out her pussy, and it was never going to come back.

The woman–her hopes and dreams, talents and ambitions, interests and passions–was dissolving. Her friends, her family, her life, all forgotten, replaced by a bubbling joy in her head and a yawning emptiness in her body, an emptiness that cried out to be filled with cock or toy, fingers or tongue.

She was becoming a creature of pure sensation, a living–and very enthusiastic–fuckdoll. She would be a pet, unable to form the simplest of thoughts, unable to feel anything except desire and pleasure.

Her last thought was that it was everything she’d hoped it would be.

Model: Brenda Song

Photographer: Aris Jerome

Source: WeTheUrban