I may have lost my uniform
before the battle turned personal, but so have both of the Geminid Brothers. I read about their powers, but they have never faced Captain Alpha!

Since the Brothers draw strength from each other, to defeat them, I’ll have to take them both down at the same time. It will be
no problem, they are already leaking precum when I lay my
passion-enhanced hands on their throbbing cocks.

With so much sexual super power in the air, whomever cums last will surely dominate the other two. I intend it to be me.

Just the sight of me is enough to arouse them. They try to top me quickly with licks
and nuzzles, but my soft breasts and smoldering lips only drive them
both closer to the abyss—hotter, sexier, their cocks throbbing
helplessly as I stroke again and again and—

Grant’s fingers find my unguarded clit at the same moment Graham sucks and bites at my nipple. Their powers are too much. I arch and tremble with the throes of climax.

No matter how you play, a pair beats an ace high.

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