Oh God it’s just not fair

Why did he have to tease you?

You could have handled anything else.

But not the teasing.

“Please,” you say, but that
just makes it worse, just makes him take his time more. Smile at you
more. He knows.

You’d wanted to show that you were
stronger than this. Stronger than he’d said you were.

But now you can feel him so close – so
close – but not close enough. And you can’t do anything about it. And
you squirm because you’re trying to do something about it. But you
can’t. And he knows it. And he can see it.

And he takes his time.

“Please!” You say again,
louder, head thumping back on the pillow, wrists tugging weakly at
that tape you thought wouldn’t be a big deal.

You close your eyes. It doesn’t help.
You can still feel him. Hot. Hard. So close to you.

You start to realise you’d do anything
for him to stop teasing. Anything.

That’s not being strong.

That’s being weak.

Like he said you were.

You whine, because you have nothing
else left.

“Do you give up?” He asks.

You whine and nod, because you do.

Why did he have to tease you?