“How dare you interrupt my evening with your foolish superheroics!” intoned the Seductress. “I taught you better manners than that, Slave Sable!”

“It’s just ‘Sable’ and everything you ‘taught’ me has been purged from my mind. You have no power over me,” I bragged, eager to bring this chapter of my life some closure. The three months I’d been the Seductress’s … “captive” had been completely excised from my memory by Mnemonica, the resident psychic of the Libido League. “I’m here to place you under arrest.”

The Seductress gave me a dismissive smirk. “Really? I think you’d much prefer to have something else arrest your attention.” She tugged down the back of her dress, exposing a scant inch of the cleavage between her delicate ass cheeks.

Suddenly, I remembered every time my tongue had bathed that tender section of skin. I remembered how to kneel behind her, and the pleasure of waiting for permission, and the sweet simmering torment of orgasms denied without Seductress’s permission.

Dropping to my knees, I clasped my hands behind my head. “Slave Sable awaits your pleasure, Seductress.”

The Seductress grinned. “You see? You knew better manners all along.”

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