There’d been something in the water that day. Something that changed her. From working in the factory, making sure the brewing process was just right, she’d stopped by the hops to check that the flavour was up to scratch.

But that day, she’d only needed a sip. One sip, and the infinite rainbow explosions in her mind changed everything. She staggered from keg to keg, trying to get a handle on something, anything, to think straight. And she fell straight into my arms.

The fog clearing, she looked up, into my eyes, and smiled, making sure I was getting a good view of her chest.

“Thanks! You, uh, saved me! Things were hella crazy back there. The juice here is just…<giggle!> so yummy! I think it’s….um….done a number on me! <giggle!> Care to tell me what’s what around here?”

Her breasts pushed up against my chest, pinning me to the wall. Turns out this Bimbo Brew was perfectly ready to go to market…

Here’s one for @mollypops23

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I can neither confirm nor deny this. 😉