Lisa staggered back from her computer, her head reeling in confusion as the graphics on the screen looped around in a swirl that pulled her eyes helplessly into its center. She couldn’t look away, even as she realized what it was doing to her, but she hoped that if she could just make herself leave the room before her body grew too dizzy to support her that she could stop herself from being captured by the program on her computer. Too late, she remembered that she still had her wireless earbuds in. “You’re a broken dolly, silly,” a voice purred into her ears, and her legs gave out before she could even think to fight against it.

She sagged against the wall, her jaw going slack as the images on the screen captivated her mind further. “You’re a broken dolly with cut strings,” the voice said, and Lisa felt her body go limp and her muscles loosen under the inexorable influence of the mesmerizing words. She had never believed in hypnosis before now, but whoever it was that sent her that gif in her chat window had made something utterly irresistible. As soon as Lisa’s eyes locked onto it, there was no doubt in her mind that it could do exactly what the mystery messenger said it could.

And they were using it to devastating effect now. “Broken dollies have empty plastic heads,” they teased, their voice filled with silken menace. Lisa couldn’t place it–there was some kind of distortion effect on it, removing all traces of identity from the speaker–but she could hear the smug, twisted delight in every word. They wanted to see her mind erased. They wanted to wipe away all her will, all her thoughts and leave her a blank and broken doll for their pleasure. And as Lisa’s jaw slackened and her mind slowed to a stop, she realized that it was working.

“Broken dollies have lost all their clothes,” the voice said, and Lisa’s hands automatically moved to comply. She didn’t recognize the motions as her own anymore–her fingers moved to unbutton her blouse as if a stranger was doing it, and her legs slipped out of her jeans as if being operated by someone else entirely. But that made sense. She was just a dolly now, and dollies existed to be moved around by their owners. Lisa slumped back against the wall once she was naked, waiting slack-jawed and drooling for further instructions.

They weren’t long in coming. “Broken dollies have plastic smiles,” the voice cooed, and Lisa felt her expression melting slowly into a grin of mindless ecstasy. “Broken dollies love to be posed, and you’re posed and pliable for me now. Nod, dolly, nod.” Lisa’s head bobbed up and down, her eyes seeing only the graphic on the screen. She didn’t even notice the red light on her active webcam. Not that she could do anything about it even if she had.

“Time to play, pretty dolly. Play with your dolly cunt and fuck yourself into compliance for me now.” Lisa’s head kept moving in that same vacant, thoughtless nod as her hand slid down between her legs and began to rub her pussy. She didn’t cum–she hadn’t been instructed to–but the pleasure filled the empty space in her head where her mind used to be. It washed away every bit of Lisa’s will, leaving only a hunger for obedience; Lisa had never had any choice but to be a good dolly, but her fingers stroked her so full of bliss that she ached to comply.

“That’s a good dolly,” the voice said. “Keep watching, keep playing, keep emptying yourself out. I’ll be by soon enough to collect you.” The dolly kept nodding. It didn’t know how to stop anymore.

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