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Platinum Panther had
fought the Seductress’s conditioning with everything she had.

First came the jokes,
trying to belittle the villainess that had her in her clutches.
Despite her quips, her skin flushed at Seductress’s mere presence.

Then came the insults.
For a superheroine, Platinum Panther had the mouth of a sailor when
she lashed out at the woman who had captured her. Despite her anger,
Panther’s nipples hardened every time Seductress spoke.

Then came logic.
Platinum Panther was a world-class genius. She retreated into her
mind to plan upgrades to her suit, rearrange Libido League rosters,
and ponder her chess strategy. Despite her concentration, her breath
still came in rapid pants.

Then came
white-knuckled resolve. Platinum Panther was a superheroine! She had
stared down alien armadas without blinking! She could defy her captor
by force of will alone. Despite her clenched jaw, spasms of climax
shook her body at Seductress’s touch.

Then came begging. The
heroine was unpracticed at pleading, but the words tumbled out of her
mouth unbidden. Despite her helpless groveling, she writhed in pain
and pleasure as the Seductress willed.

That was truly
everything Platinum Panther had. She had put all of her mind and
heart and soul into resisting Seductress and had failed. There was
only one thing left for her to do: Submit.

—-suggested by @chasingtherabb1t

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