“Um, so wait. Like, can you explain it again?”
“Kim, we don’t have time for this-”
“No, I know, I know! It’s just, y’know, I feel like I almost get it, okay?”
“Fine. Fine, but then we really need to get you that antidote.”
“Uh huh, sure! So, like – what happened, again?”
“Well, you must have been in the lab. You were working late, I imagine. I had gone home already. I don’t know a lot of the specifics, I’ve had to piece it together after the fact, and – dammit, Kim, are you paying attention?”
“Listen! You were the one who wanted to hear this!”
“I am listening!”
“You weren’t! You were looking at your hair!”
“Well… yeah, kinda. But just cuz… was it always this color?”
“No, it wasn’t. That’s what I’m telling you about!”
“Ooooh, okay, sorry. Go ahead!”
“Jesus. Anyway. Judging by when your keycard has you exiting the building, I’m guessing things went wrong around 8PM. I don’t know what happened exactly – if something spilled, or if you dropped a beaker, or what. I’d guess you were transferring a sample and it somehow got out of containment. You probably weren’t intending to do anything intensive, so you didn’t have a suit on. So it got airborne, whatever it was, and you were exposed.”
“Hee hee…”
“Huh? Oh, you said ‘exposed’…”
“…god almighty. Let’s just get going, okay? Clearly this is pointless, and-”
“No! No, please, I need to hear it. I don’t understand…”
“Alright, just focus, alright? Where was I? I’d guess the sample doused you pretty good, because it seems like you panicked. Released a couple of anti-agents to shut down the process, but none of the correct ones. Then, somehow, a sample shelf spilled. Probably you were looking for the compound info to know how to counteract the agent you were exposed to. Jesus, don’t start giggling again.”
"I’m sorry! I’m listening!”
“Right. I would venture that at this point, you were getting hazy, and found it hard to figure out what was going on. I bet it took an hour or so before you were so dazed that you just wound up leaving. God only knows what state you were in. On the security footage from the lobby, you look like a sleepwalker.”
“Yeah, well, a lot of the high-grade stuff we were experimenting with had serious mental effects. Anyway, that was the last anybody had seen you until today. Now you show up, looking like this, wearing… well, this. And now we need to get you into the lab and get you that antidote. I really think it’ll work, but every minute is working against us. If you’re not in there in half an hour, I think this may be permanent.”
"Okay, but… um… one thing, first…”
“Jesus, what? What is it?”
“Well, this thingy I got sprayed with or whatever…”
“Yes? What? What about it?”
“Is that what’s making me so horny?”
“Wha- Kim, what are you doing?”
“I just feel so hot. My body’s been, like, changing or whatever for days now, and I’m just going crazy…”
"Yeah, that’s, uh… whoa, hold on… that’s probably the hormones. They’re accelerating a process that – ohhh jesus, that’s, uh…”
“I know I was all boring-looking and stuffy before, but I always thought you were handsome… and now, I think you’re super hot…”
"Kim, I… no, look, it’s not that I… we really need to go…”
“Do you think I’m sexy?”
“Do – what?”
“I mean, I got all dressed up for you, an’ everything… do you like what I’m wearing?”
“Holy fuck… Kim, I… of course, but… the antidote…”
“It’s okay, we’ve got time. This’ll just take a minute.”
“N-no, Kim, don’t kneel down, we need to – ohhhhhfuck, no, don’t… ohhhhhhhhhh…”
“Holy shit, Kim. Oh my god. That feels amazing.”
"Mmmffffff hhhhhnnnnnmmmm…”
“Ohfuck. Oh, oh…. shit. Oh my god. Kim, I’m – I’m going to come.”
"Mmm… mmmmmm…. mmmm…”
“Ohhhh! Oh, god!”
“Hee hee…”
“Holy fuck. Oh my god. Kim. That… that was incredible.”
“Can we do it again?”
“What? No, but… the antidote!”
“First… can you explain what happened one more time? Maybe, like… with your cock in my mouth? I think I’ll understand it way better if I can suck you off while you tell me…”
"…y’know what? Yeah, we probably have time for that.”