I am so lucky someone is looking out for my health, thought Amy.

It had been hot and bright outside when this man approached. He was silhouetted by the merciless sun, so she had to squint to see him. Amy didn’t remember all the details, but he did notice that she was getting very overheated.

When he recommended they hop in his car to cool down, Amy was grateful. She was so overwhelmingly hot all of a sudden. The car’s blast of cool air almost roused her from her torpor, but a few words from him and she knew she still wasn’t quite right yet.

He was very kind to take her inside his home. Amy could barely move from the heat, and each step seemed more difficult than the last. She finally crumpled to the floor just inside the entryway.

Fortunately, this good Samaritan knew just what to do. Amy’s clothes were trapping her own natural heat! Together they quickly disposed of most of those, though Amy could barely assist.

It might have been dire if it hadn’t been for his quick thinking. He told Amy that she needed to be rehydrated immediately, but she couldn’t be left unattended. It took all of Amy’s remaining strength to suck on his cock. She was so grateful when he came quickly, rapidly reinvigorating her.

But the results were not long-lasting, and she soon became listless again. It seemed worse when the gentleman’s second treatment accidentally sprayed on to Amy’s face and chest, though she was thankful she could lick some off.

He said the third treatment should do the trick, though. Amy was feeling better and better. He said he could check between her legs to see if she was properly hydrated. While Amy didn’t strictly think it was necessary, he did say a pounding for prevention was worth a pound of cure.

As she bobbed on his cock, Amy wondered how she’d ever repay him. She’d have to get his name. But Sir seemed a good enough start for now.