No matter how many times she had been bound, and how many times she had escaped, the Amazing Amazon never got used to it. Being bound by a man triggered the ancient curse of her people.

The moment the chains clicked into place, the Amazon’s strength drained out of her, like water through a sieve. Muscles that could crush stone falling slack and helpless. Arms that could lift tanks trembling to lift the steel shackles on her wrists. Legs that could propel her half a mile into the air barely steady enough to keep her upright.

As bad as the physical effects were, the mental weakness was worse. The Amazing Amazon felt her fiery anger at her captors cool to a tiny ember. She lost track of her plans to escape, of her ways to summon help, of her knowledge of her captors’ weaknesses. All that evaporated like a dream upon waking. A memory of another life. All that remained was her mind was stillness, openness, vulnerability.

When the chains had taken her every strength, the formerly-Amazing Amazon could do nothing but wait for the one thing that would give her soul meaning: Her Master’s voice.

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