“Don’t look down,” he said, his fingers sliding neatly through the cleft between her labia and brushing over her slick clit. “Don’t try to touch, don’t try to squirm. Just lose yourself in my eyes and let the feelings wash over you and through you. You’re my passive little fucktoy, and all you need to do right now is listen and relax. Feel that powerful, sensual energy flowing down, rooting you in place as your head floats higher and higher on a cloud of bliss. Like a balloon, bobbing on the end of a string.”

Her head nodded vacantly, almost of its own accord. She couldn’t really think about anything properly right now–his hand kept moving with a slow, patient, ruthlessly methodical rhythm that sent her somehow to a place beyond orgasm, and she didn’t have room in her head for anything except the endless expanse of pleasure that filled it to the very brim. But nodding seemed to make him happy, and she wanted so very much to please him right now. It seemed only right to please him when he was making her feel so good.

“The more your mind floats away into pleasure, the better your body feels,” he said, his voice a sensual growl that made her clit tingle even when his fingers weren’t rubbing against it. “Thinking only distracts you from that intense, endless bliss that saturates your cunt until you’re dripping for me.” She could feel it, the musk of her arousal trickling relentlessly down her thigh as he teased her more and more. The sensation flooded her with ecstasy, not the peaks and valleys of climax but a plateau of perfect joy that seemed to go on forever. She was soaring across it, her eyes locked onto his but her mind seeing nothing but pure and perfect euphoria.

“And all I have to do is touch you like this, and say the words, ‘float away for me,’ and you’ll go right back to this state,” he purred as his fingers kept up their perfect, unrelenting pace. “Blank and mindless. Helplessly aroused. Completely open to my will.” Her head bobbed up and down again, her eyes fluttering as her body swayed back and forth in time to his strokes. Deep down, she was quietly relieved that they’d discussed all the triggers he wanted to implant beforehand–she never realized just how susceptible she was to this particular blend of hypnosis and stimulation before now. He could so easily take advantage of her drowsy, pliable state to tell her anything he wanted, and she would soak it all up like a sponge.

And she could tell by the look on his face that he knew it, too. But he merely smiled, and took her deeper. “Every heavy blink sends you twice as deep into hypnosis for me, now,” he said, reveling in the way her shoulders slumped and her head lolled forward in drowsy pleasure. “Every time you manage to open again, it’s only so that you can close them and sink further and further into the bliss of obedience. Until you can’t remember whether you go deeper when your eyes are open or when they’re shut. Until everything takes you further and further down into my will. Until all you want to do is obey me.” He smiled at her, his eyes glittering darkly with arousal. “All you want to do is…”

“Obey you… Master…” she sighed softly. And as her eyes slipped shut once and for all, the sound of her own blank and drowsy voice did the rest.

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