Nina wasn’t a hypnotist. May wasn’t a subject. Neither one of them knew that what Nina was doing was an induction, and certainly neither one of them would describe the result as a trance. But the moment that Nina leaned in and kissed May’s soft lips, the ringlets of her auburn hair brushing gently against the skin of May’s cheeks and making it tingle with excitement, her attention was riveted on everything Nina was doing to her. Completely. Totally. Riveted.

And as Nina kissed her way down May’s jawline, then continued down May’s neck until May’s breath came in an unsteady whoosh, her other thoughts faded away one by one just as surely as if Nina was directing her attention to a shiny pendant or a whirling spiral. Her mind focused gradually on the electric sensation of pleasure flowing through her body until nothing else seemed important–she lost track of all her anxieties about her first time with another woman, she forgot all about her fears of doing a bad job as a lover. All she knew was that she felt wonderful. And Nina was only making that feeling stronger with every passing moment.

When Nina began speaking–telling May to remove her clothing button by button and item by item, teasing May’s legs apart with one whispered word of seduction after another–she didn’t realize she was speaking to someone in a trance. She certainly would have been surprised to realize that she had caused it; her only intention was to give the younger woman a good experience for her first lesbian encounter. She had no conscious desire to reduce May to helpless acceptance. But she was enjoying the effect nonetheless.

And it was only getting stronger. By the time May was naked, her back arching into Nina’s touch as Nina played with her nipples until they ached with need, she wasn’t thinking about anything anymore. The only words in her vocabulary were “yes, please,” and she deployed them in response to everything Nina said. “Do you want me to play with your cunt, pretty girl?” “Yes, please.” Do you need me to fuck you harder?“ “Yes, please.” “Do you want to touch me like this?” “Yes, please.” “Yes, please.” “Yes, please.”

Neither one of them knew how open May was to every suggestion. Neither one of them understood how deeply Nina’s words were impressing themselves into May’s helplessly aroused mind as she came and came. Neither one of them realized that May was coming to associate accepting Nina’s instructions with powerful, mindless pleasure. All they knew was that they both wanted more. And luckily, both of them were eager to give the other exactly what they both craved.