“The girl in the mirror understands, doesn’t she? Look at the way she stares. Her eyes are so empty, so blank, so deeply relaxed and vacant. She knows exactly how to go deeper and deeper into trance with every passing moment. The more you watch her and the less you think about anything else, the easier it is to follow her into perfect, obedient hypnosis. You don’t need to think for yourself. Just let the girl in the mirror be your guide.

“Her jaw is slack, her muscles are limp… and loose… and lazy. Just like yours. The longer you stare, the more helplessly you sink into those dark eyes of hers, the more relaxed you become and the better you feel. Look at the way her lips curl into that tiny, vacant smile of pure, mindless pleasure. She knows how good it feels to go deeper. She knows how wonderful it is to stop thinking. And all you want to do is follow along. You’re going into trance together. You’re sinking into obedience together. Just like good girls. You want to be a good girl, don’t you? That’s it. The girl in the mirror does too.

“Every blink, every nod, every sigh tells you exactly how to surrender your will that much more to me. The girl in the mirror is so perfectly hypnotized. She’s not thinking at all. And all you want to do is to be just like her. When her slack jaw hangs open, dripping drool onto those perfect tits, why… you can almost feel it yourself. When she nods, you feel yourself nodding in perfect unison, mindlessly agreeing with every word I say. When your heavy head slumps down on your shoulders until it’s all you can do to lift it, you can see that you’re just mirroring the mirror.

“It’s like neither one of you is really real. You’re doing exactly what she does, she’s doing exactly what you do, and both of you are following your instructions perfectly. You can’t even tell anymore which one of you is the person and which one is the empty, obedient image anymore, and you don’t even want to try. My commands flow out, and all you need to do is watch compliance happen. The girl in the mirror will do everything, and your body will follow. It’s a miracle of perfect acceptance, isn’t it? That’s right. She thinks so too.

“But the best trick is yet to come. Feel those heavy eyes blinking, as you struggle to keep those exhausted eyelids open? The girl in the mirror is doing the exact same thing. Every time you open those tired, sleepy eyes of yours, she’s opening them at the same time. Blinking in perfect unison as your drowsy head lolls and slumps onto your chest, as you have to look up to see her slip away into mindless slumber. She wants to sleep. You want to sleep. You can’t remember anymore which of you started to surrender, only that you can’t resist the urge to sleep, sleep, sleep. That’s my good girl. The girl in the mirror is sinking down, and all you can do is match her now.

“One last deep, heavy blink, feeling those eyelids stick fast together. The girl in the mirror is sleeping too, and you can see her in your mind. She’s obeying my every word, and all you can do is follow her lead. When I say, ‘Lie on the bed,’ you can picture her doing it and all you can do is mirror her motions. When I say ‘Spread your legs’, the girl in the mirror obeys perfectly, and so you must too. And when I fuck her…

“Oh yes. You feel that too, don’t you, pet? The girl in the mirror knows how good it feels to obey. And now you do too.”

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