She watched the video of herself from earlier the same day.

She saw how she’d been tied out on the bed, able to struggle, unable to escape. She saw how she’d tested the bonds, how wet she’d gotten as she proved to herself that she was utterly helpless.

She saw how she’d tensed and clenched as the mechanical dildo had been lined up with her slick cunt. She saw how she’d arched as it had been guided inside, how easily it had disappeared into her.

She saw how she’d struggled as the VR visor had been strapped to her head. She saw how she’d tried and failed to shake it off before it had been switched on.

She saw the moment it had captured her attention, how all the tension in her body had melted out as the machine slowly fucked away her resistance. She saw how she’d succumbed and surrendered to its complete control.

She saw her lips begin to move, as the machine began to reprogram her mind. She saw how her body shuddered with each orgasm as she accepted each idea brainwashed into her.

She stopped the video there, rewinding it to watch the sequence again. She didn’t need to see how deep she’d been afterwards, how she’d played the part of the perfect sex toy for the rest of the session. That she’d done so was merely the way they’d proven that the conditioning had been real. She didn’t care how she’d been conditioned.

Being conditioned – that had been her fantasy. And she couldn’t wait for it all to happen again this evening.