I put the podcast on as I sat down on the bus. My usual diet of political podcasts was not enough now that I had an extra long commute into work having moved out into the suburbs. Over an hour on the bus each way, and all I could do was sit there and try to ignore the BO of the man next to me. So while I loved my Pod Save America, I needed something new. 

Having been a fan of MCstories for years, I decided to see if that interest (erotic hypnosis) could be something that had a podcast. It was hard to find one in Apple’s Podcast listings, but eventually through that and searching on Google I settled on one by a Mistress Elizabeth. It seemed safer than others which promised to melt your mind, and seemed to be hosted by men named Chad.

Elizabeth had a nice voice, and seemed to like the things I liked. At least that’s what I decided about ten minutes into the first episode, as I was bouncing along in my seat heading into Boston, staring out the window trying to ignore the large man next to me. She talked about what she liked and they were all things that I found sexy about the stories I liked. The episode was long, as it was mostly an introduction to the kink, so it lasted me both going into the city, and heading home.

The second episode she said that she was going to do a short trance, to show listeners who didn’t know anything about hypnosis what it was like. That day I was sitting next to an old woman, so I felt a bit more comfortable. Staring at the road wiping by I figured it was worth listening to even if I wasn’t going to let myself be hypnotized on the bus.

Hypnosis isn’t really anything special. It’s not a magic spell, and you can enter hypnosis anytime, without realizing it or doing anything. Nobody around you will notice, you don’t need a pocket watch or a spiral. You just listen to my voice, relax and listen some more. 

Clearly you’re interested in hypnosis, as you listen to this podcast, and so clearly you’re eager to listen to this podcast and my voice and imagine what it’s like to be hypnotized. It feels good, to let your mind wander and just imagine what it’s like to feel the things I describe as you listen. Listen now and it’s okay not to think, not to worry and not to remember.

I apologized to the driver as I hustled off the bus, the last one off. I’d been distracted and hadn’t noticed we’d reached the end of the line stop. Thankfully it was my stop for work, so I had not lost any time. I just felt a bit sheepish for having lost track of where we were.

Episode 3 was came the next week. Tommy and the Johns in Pod Save America had kept me occupied until then, but I was eager for more content. Truthfully I’d also re-listened to episode 2 again, but it was a bit dull as I kept not being able to finish it no matter how much I started.

As I settled into the bus to work Elizabeth’s voice entered my ears again. She explained that listeners should listen to episode 2 first, and to go back. I hoped that whatever she was going to talk about wasn’t contingent on having listened to the last part of the episode, as I’d never actually made it through that.

Now if you’ve listened to the second episode then ‘dream time sleepy head’. Good, just letting go, like you know you can. Doing so well, as you slip under and listen to my voice. No need to remember, no need to think. Just letting go.

“You need to get more sleep at night,” the bus driver said, smirking at me as he poked me awake. 

I wiped drool from my face and thanked him, scrambling to get off the bus as my face turned red. I did, I kept falling asleep and missing the podcast. As much as I liked this new show I hadn’t been able to listen to a full episode since the first one.

At the start of the fourth episode Elizabeth mentioned that she was opening a mail bag, and gave out an email address. She told anyone who wanted to contact her to use it.

Dream time sleepy head. Doing so good, sinking so well. You’re such a good listener, able to stay awake and just focus on my words as your mind is blank and open. Blank and ready for my words to fill it.

After two more listens to episode 4 I decided to send Elizabeth and email thanking her. I was surprised when less than a day later I got an email with a special “subscriber’s only” bonus episode.

Dream time sleepy head. Doing so good, wanting to send me your photo, and support my Patron account. So good, to do this without thinking, not needing to worry. My words are all you need.

The special Patron only episodes are even better. I’m at the $100 a month level now and… well I can’t really say why they’re better but they are. And what’s more exciting is that Mistress is having some of her fans over to visit. I was randomly chosen to go to her apartment.

I’ve taken to listening to the podcasts at night, as well as on the bus. I sit on my floor and relax and listen. It helps me pass the time now that I’ve broken up with my boyfriend and cancelled cable so I can send Mistress more money each month.

All I need is her words.

By the way how did you like the podcast? I sent you the link. You liked it? Great.

Mistress saw your picture, she thinks you should listen more. She likes Good Girls like you and me.