For the anynom who wanted a female police hypnotist hypnotized.

She glanced up from the file. Detective Marx raised a hopeful eyebrow.

“You want me to hypnotize this guy?” she asked, “That’s not going to be admissible in court.”

He nodded, ”Look all signs point to him, he’s knocked over three banks already. We just can’t get anything on him. If we could find his hideout, just an address, we’d have everything we’d need.”

She looked at the file, “And how will you explain how you figured it out?”

“An tip? A hunch. We’ll figure it out. You just need to hypnotize him and get an address,” the detective said.

Though technically a police officer June Williams was mostly tasked with criminal profiling. A PHD in psychology had proven to be useful in helping the others catch criminals, and the chance to actually get in the field was interesting even if it wasn’t quite the police work she’d been wanting to do. Instead she’d be using a tool that she’d mostly used as a party trick in recent years.

“It’s worth a shot, where do I find him?” she asked.

Officer June Williams entered the office even though the sign on the door said closed. The door wasn’t locked and she could see her target, her suspect, working at the front counter looking at a computer. As the door opened she noticed him close a window on the computer screen and look up startled and annoyed.

“We’re closed,” he said.

“Sorry I tried to get in earlier, I was just wanting to see about doing my taxes today,” she said.

The man whose name she knew to be Neil Finn frowned, “Our accountants went home for the day. You’ve got a few weeks yet, do you want to make an appointment for next week?”

Officer Williams smiled, “Sure that would be great. Maybe you could just sit down and relax for a moment and make me an appointment. You look stressed, why don’t you relax just look at your screen relax and make me an appointment.”

The man nodded, looking at the screen, “Relax.”

She smiled, “That’s right just relax, it’s been a long day. You just need to do this one more thing then you can relax, relax.”

“Relax,” he repeated, “long day. Relax.”

“Relax, you’re so tired, so tired,” she cooed, looking for signs of hypnosis starting to take affect. She focused on the area around his eyes, looking for blinking.

He repeated her again, “Relax, long day, relax. So sleepy, so heavy.”

Officer Williams did not notice the addition of the word sleepy. She continued, looking more closely at his face, focusing on that to catch any sign that he was going under for her.

“Relax, sink back so heavy, so heavy,” she said.

“So heavy, sinking down deeply, relax,” he said. Again she missed the variations. Her eyes blinked, and she opened them annoyed with herself that she’d blinked if she did that she’d miss him blinking. She had to focus closer.

“Sleepy, heavy, so sleepy,” he said, saying the words before she did. They seemed natural, just what she was going to say to him, so she repeated them.

“Sleepy, heavy, so sleepy.”

“Just standing there, sinking deeply,” he said looking away from his screen at her. While she was still searching his face for signs of hypnotic trance, her own was clearly displaying it. Her mouth hung open and her face was relaxed. Her eyes blinked, taking long luxurious rests closed.

Standing he walked around the desk, watching as her gaze followed him, focused on him. He smiled, “Sleeping now, deeply sleeping now.”

June blinked as she watched him move towards her. Something in her head warned her that this was not how it was supposed to go, but he was telling her to sleep and it seemed natural to do that. Natural to sleep. Sleep.

June sipped her coffee as Neil flipped through the file that she’d brought him. She smiled, letting her robe fall open a bit, hoping to excite him and more importantly please him. It seemed so silly that she’d wanted to hypnotize him, to help the other police arrest him. He was a much better hypnotist than she was, and she loved going into trance for him. It felt good to be mindless and submissive for him. 

“So they really have nothing on me? Other than you? Well thanks to that little tip you gave them the entire investigation will be discredited,” he said smiling. He’d given her an address, two actually. The first had been to an orphanage which the cops were now currently raiding to find only that it was just that an orphanage run by nuns.

The second had been his apartment, which had lead to his bedroom.

Delicious reversal of a hypnotist being hypnotized by her would-be subject. So hot, @hypnoswriter !