The spell the Enchanter had woven around Doctor Q was as maddening as the skill of his tongue upon her clit was addictive.

Doctor Q, the Enchantress Exemplar of Earth, could feel the magick building up to strip her will away. She could decipher the Enochian glyphs of servitude that the Enchanter’s tongue was spelling out on her open, drooling pussy. Doctor Q knew that if she allowed herself to orgasm before the sun set, the magick would make her the Enchanter’s pliant plaything, helpless before his will.

She set every ounce of her own resolve to fighting the orgasm building within her. It would barely be an hour until the setting sun broke the spell.

And yet, every lick felt better than the one before. And yet, the craving for release grew within her with every ragged breath. And yet, she found her own tongue mirroring the enslaving glyphs she felt on her nether lips.

Holding back that orgasm for an hour would have been liking stopping an avalanche with blade of grass. And even Doctor Q didn’t have a spell that could do that.

I thought some people might be thinking about sexy superhero sorcerers this weekend.

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