Tiffany underestimated the effect of having her mouth full of cock exactly once. After that, well… it was too late.

It wasn’t just the cock, to be fair. She was hanging out with her boyfriend one evening at his apartment, at the tail-end of an extremely long day of work and exams, and she was just tired enough to be vulnerable when he started talking to her about how absurd and unrealistic the hypnosis was in the old movie they were watching. As he described what real hypnosis felt like, she found her eyes settling onto a spot on the wall and going glassy and unfocused. She knew she was falling into a trance, but it felt good and warm and comfortable, and anyway she knew she could say no any time she wanted.

And so when he described her body feeling warm and peaceful and aroused, she decided to go along with it. Yes, it was hypnosis making her feel that way, but she was enjoying everything he was suggesting. And it wasn’t like they weren’t already having sex. She nodded placidly when he whispered in her ears how good it would feel to help him take her clothes off, she smiled blissfully and murmured ‘mhmmm’ when his hands roamed over her tingling body. The hypnosis didn’t take away her ability to say no; it just made all her concerns seem distant and unimportant. She liked that. If he didn’t care about his roommate walking in on them, she wouldn’t either. And she could always say no.

Then he slid her mouth down onto his cock. And something changed. She still heard his suggestions, telling her how good it felt to suck and slip away into deeper hypnosis with every thrust. She still felt her hypnotized mind absorb every word as he described his shaft fucking her mind, pushing deep into her thoughts and filling them with his control over and over and over, emptying out her will as she took him all the way in. But she couldn’t respond anymore. She couldn’t murmur out a ‘yes’, she couldn’t nod because her head was already bobbing up and down automatically for him, and more importantly…she couldn’t say anything when he started to describe her mind becoming more and more submissive.

Because her mouth was full of cock. She had never imagined how passive it would make her feel to have her words taken away, how helpless she would become when her boyfriend gagged her with his penis. The rocking motion of her head in his lap, the soft words that lulled her deeper into relaxation, those all made her dreamy and drowsy and compliant, but the tangible power of having her words stripped from her sent Tiffany into a trance so deep she couldn’t even think anymore. She couldn’t imagine pulling off of him, she couldn’t refute any of his statements, she was simply blank and receptive and… full. He was filling her with his power. And all she could do was take it in.

When his roommate came in and started fucking her from behind, there was no longer a question of whether she wanted it or not. She wanted what she was told to want. All the sex did was take her even deeper, the cock in her pussy pushing her mind further into a trance so profound that her mind was like soft clay. When they told her that she loved it, she couldn’t get enough of it, she needed to be mindfucked into total obedience, well… she already couldn’t say no. But now she couldn’t even think it.

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So hot the way a physical constraint (sucking cock) becomes a mental constraint (inability to say no) becomes a basis for brainwashing. Another scorchingly-hot short from @jukeboxemcsa