“Who’s there?” Argent asked, her naked body sluggish and unresponsive, her eyes bound behind a thick blindfold.

The superheroine’s only reply was the warm touch of oil trickled onto her breasts. As the slick soaked into her skin, Argent felt flush with desire. She let out a moan from deep in her throat, and slid her hand toward her dampening pussy.

Argent’s sluggish body let to anguish as her thumb became tangled in the strap of her garter. Her other hand was stuck against something long and warm. Groaning with frustration, Argent tried to thrust her hips closer to her hand, with no success. Her body was on fire and she couldn’t even touch herself!

Suddenly, nimble fingers teased her dripping pussy lips. As they circled her needy clit, Argent breathed, “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, Silver Cunt,” came a high voice in a thick Brooklyn accent. “Glue Gun Gary’s arousal oil works so much better with a little elbow grease to get it started. And to make your cootchie nice and greasy.”

Argent moaned, “Glue Gun Gary?”

“In the randy flesh, my helpless heroine,” came Gary’s sharp voice in her ear. The blindfold slid from her eyes. Argent looked at her captors: the beautiful, crazed face of Addy Sivv, and the cruel, handsome eyes of Glue Gun Gary. She knew she ought to try to escape. Ought to bring these villains to justice.

But as a trickle of arousal oil slid down her belly and over her clit, Argent closed her eyes. She kissed Addy Sivv’s soft, warm lips as her hand began to pump Glue Gun Gary’s stiff shaft.

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