karen drooled as her new Master stroked her body. she kept looking at the screen, staring raptly as she soaked up the images being beamed into her drug-softened mind.

“It’s a real shame to see you like this.” he sighed, slipping down her panties. “you were a worthy adversary, and I would have been delighted to have you stay on as a member of the board. But now…”

He looked up at the screen. Without the same drugs coursing through karen’s system, it had no effect on him. The screen was showing images of women being fucked in various positions, reinforced with positive messages.

“Now you’re just going to be another puppet. you’ll love being a cocksleeve, just like all my other pretty sluts, but I wanted so much more for you. I wanted you as my queen.”

His hand cupped her bare, wet cunt and slid His thumb into her. Instinctively, she pushed back against it, squeezing her muscles and moving as if it were His cock. He unzipped His trousers and pulled His dick out.

Pulling the leash round, He slid into her and pulled it taut, jerking her back into Him, and filling her with His dick. karen moaned.

“Still,” he mused as His balls slapped against her, “at least this way, you’re guaranteed to be completely faithful. No need to watch my back if you’re on your knees mindlessly sucking My dick.”

With a grunt, He shot into her and karen milked His load into her as she came.