Magic isn’t real, right? It can’t be. This was just supposed to be a prank, a fun little bit of roleplay between me and my boyfriend. But… but… I think its really working.

I’m actually changing. Look! My… my hair is turning red. He always had a thing for redheads. The potion was supposed to turn me into his perfect fantasy girl or something and now my hair is turning red.

And… and my bra. It doesn’t fit anymore. Ugh, let me get this off. This is too weird. I just feel so… so…

So yummy!


Guess my man had a thing for chicks with big jugs, too! Big and *unf* sensitive!

OMG, I can’t wait to bounce this sweater puppies right in his handsome face. Or maybe wrap them around his big, thick cock and give him a tittiefucking like he’s never… *unf* now why is that turning me on so much?

OK, girl, get a hold of yourself. Let’s slip into something a lil more comfy and go make my boyfriends fantasies come true!



So… notice anything different? Oh? These ‘ol girls? Sorry they’re so jiggly! None of my bras seem to fit anymore. Maaaybe you could take me to the mall and we could go shopping?


I promise I’ll make it up to you later, sir.

You… you want me to what?

Cut the legs off those jean shorties? But… but they’re already so short and…

Yes. Yes sir. I’m sorry for talking back. I’ll do better next time, sir. Please, just… just tell me what to do.

Yes, sir. I understand. Anything for you, Master.

Yes… yes sir.

I… *unf* I love being your obedient little s-s-s-slavegirl. Cooking and cleaning is my f-f-f-favorite. It just *eek* it just makes my p-p-pussy so wet, sir.

I can’t w-w-w-wait for your friends to come over and watch f-f-f-football and you can show me off, sir. I’ll be the p-p-perfect hostess.

I just want to be perfect for my Master.

Heeey boys!


Come on in!