Sable had given everything she had to resisting Piledriver.

After the first orgasm had broken over her like a tidal wave, Sable had reached deep within her pleasure-scoured soul to find the will to fight back. The second orgasm had not sapped too much of her resolve. The third was almost restorative … almost.

It was some time around the sixth or seven orgasm that Sable realized she was losing. Before she lost count at twelve orgasms, she couldn’t recall why she wanted anything other than what Piledriver commanded her to want.

Now she gazed into his commanding eyes, ears alert to receive his commands, pussy open to embrace his brainwashing pleasure. Each thrust implanted his words deeper into her mind, wiping clean every thought and memory that had been there before.

Sable had given everything she had to resisting the Piledriver. Now, everything she had belonged to him.

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