Bryce Dallas Howard

Any time, any place, it didn’t matter. If you were an attractive woman, you were as good as Paul’s, and that was simply the truth of it. 

Eventually, that truth got out, and began to become widely known in the celebrity world. There was no point in trying to fight it or stop it – those who had had received suitable punishment, and had their IQ reduced to that of a particularly dumb rock. 

Ariana Grande and Natalie Portman had both already undergone that particular treatment.

So standing on the red carpet, Bryce already knew that it was just a matter of time. 

Truth be told, she’d worn her best today, just to hurry it up – a dress that barely covered her chest, and no bra to speak of. She just wanted to get his attention as quickly as possible, so that he’d end the hideous waiting. 

What Bryce didn’t realise was that only an hour before, she’d been staunchly anti-Paul, desperately campaigning to find some way to stop him. This wave of enslavement could not go on, she’d say. 

That was before Paul had got backstage and had a chat with her. Convinced her to change out of that frumpy suit, and into something that would make him want to take her, in all senses of the word. 

This wasn’t Bryce advertising herself to Paul so that he’d come and claim her. He’d already claimed her. This was her advertising to every woman in the world the single, fundamental truth of their own existence.

Paul is All.

the third caption, submitted by an anonymous and obedient fan