Natalie Dormer

It wasn’t easy, being the most desired hypnodomme in the celebrity world. Natalie had always had other girls gunning for her spot, and she’d always just about been able to put them down. A cheeky little smile, a flirtatious wink, maybe a soft caress, and they’d be putty in her hands, just another loyal slave melting before the epitome of seduction. 

It wasn’t simple, explaining away to the press why she had so many men and women turn up at her house only to leave with dazed, blank, blissful expressions on their faces. That’s what an hour or two wrapped up in the arms of Natalie Dormer did to you, as she would soothe you into trance, lulling you with her soft words, letting you know that there was nothing you could do but obey. 

And it certainly wasn’t her whole world. She could quite comfortably go out and be a five-star actress throughout the day, wowing audience and winning legions of adoring fans, to add to the ranks of pitiful, desperate puppets she’d find begging for her kisses when she returned home in the evening.

Of course, the key word there is ‘wasn’t’. Ever since Paul’s come along, it’s been easy… So easy to drop and stare and obey, to spend hours in his garden, trying on negligée for him, then stripping it off so he can enjoy her delightful body. So simple, to just suck and fuck and fuck and suck – she’d never debased herself enough to suck cock before meeting him, but now that he’d taken the choice away, she didn’t care.

And now? Now this is her whole world… No more time for being a silly celebrity, because…

All is Paul.

submitted as a series of captions by an anonymous and obedient fan