“Three … Two … Uhn… One. Wide awake!”

Marianne was being fucked. Her pussy slick and hot and full, so deliciously full, of cock. But who’s cock?

She tried to turn her head, but somehow her neck would not move. Where was she? Marianne could only see a sheet she didn’t recognize, and hear the man’s grunts as he thrust his throbbing shaft into her willing, dripping cunt.

How did she get here? She couldn’t remember anything after sitting down for the “Adult Hypnosis Extravaganza.” It’s ridiculous. Hypnosis isn’t real. And yet, there was only a swirl of lust where her memories should be.

Doggystyle wasn’t Marianne’s favorite position. She tried to push herself up on her hands, but she couldn’t make her fingers unclench from one another. His hands held her wrists with commanding strength.

Even as she could feel her orgasm boiling up inside her, Marianne needed to know what was going on. She opened her mouth to question the man balls-deep in her snatch. Where am I? What happened to me? Who are you? But her voice could only form three words:

“Fuck me, Master. Fuck me!”

Like these few hundred
words? Imagine the pleasures of a few thousand: