Lily James

“Oh my gosh, you’re right! I can hear something!”

“As I said, Lily, the synaptic neuraliser transmits on an ultrasonic wavelength, or, in layman’s terms, it beams its’ signal, or rather, its’ instructions, directly into the target’s mind.”

“Whatever – listen, can you stop talking for a moment, I’m trying to make out what it’s saying….”

“Lily, you don’t understand – it doesn’t matter whether you can parse the words I’m pushing into your mind, or not. The commands bypass your awareness, and implant themselves directly into your subconscious, where your brain registers them as your own thoughts and feelings.”

“I don’t….wait, but that means…you can…”

“Yes, Lily. I can make you think, say, do, whatever I want. And there’s no way you can stop me. Not that you find yourself wanting to stop me, do you? You’re quite enjoying my control over your mind…”

“Yeah….oh gosh, you’re right – I love what you’re doing to me – I want this – I want you….and it’s all thanks to that wonderful device! <giggle!>”

“Good girl. Now, sit back, relax, and let me warp your mind some more…”

fuck….yes, Master….I obey….”